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Family renunion 1-3 July 2022

This summer, on 1-3 July 2022 we met once again for our traditional family reunion. This year we met in Arvidsjaur. 

Pictures will be uploaded shortly!

One of the oldest family associations in Sweden.

The last reunion (the 23d since 1896) was held the 1-3 July 2022 in Arvidsjaur. Soon you can see homepage for pictures. About 40 relatives came together.

This is an abstract of the content on this site which is set up by a family association which is over 100 years old. The first reunion was held in 1896 and the first book with data about the Westerlund Family came out as early as 1883. The promoter of that was Wilhelm Westerlund, the youngest brother in a family with 17 children. He wanted to preserve the family ties and the good atmosphere in the family for coming generations.

The family lived in Jokkmokk in Lappland, where Gustaf Westerlund (born 1801 in Härnösand) was a priest. His wife, Brita, was born 1807 in Kortesjärvi, Finland, where her father Hans Nyström was the priest.

The family grew fast and the Gustaf Westerlund Foundation was founded 1906 and has since then arranged reunions every 5 years and the the 23d was 2016, in Uppsala.

About every 10 year, the Gustaf Westerlund Foundation has produced a genealogical book and the 12th came out 2006. That is a complement to the book from 2001. That book from 2001 covers all the data from the earlier books as well as all new data the members of the Westerlund Family have provided until today. There are also old and new family stories and several pictures in the book, which has about 800 pages. The 13:rd genealogical book was produced 2011. An updated CD-version (Ver. june-2011), with the database with all live and dead members of the Westerlund family tree, is attached to the book.

During the work with this book we have reconnected with family overseas. We hope that this website can be a meeting place for relatives from all around the world and we welcome you to the next "Släktträff", Family renunion!

Please feel welcome to find some familiar names in the "Släktträd"(genealogical table)! You may be a lost member of the Westerlund Family! There are about 6000 relatives in the database, but just the dead ones on the website. The complete database with all personal stories are for sale on CD.  

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